Muslim Women's Rights Today

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There are approximately one billion people worldwide that follow the Islamic way of life. Islam is the religion of Allah, and Muhammad his last prophet. They refer to themselves as Muslims. There are many rules for the daily life of Islam. These rules are found in the Qur’an, which is their guidebook. Muslims cannot do anything that may be considered harmful to their body, mind, or soul, which is also known as haram. For example, eating pork is not allowed, nor is lying, stealing, or cheating. Muslims are encouraged to do what is beneficial, this is known as halal. Popular culture portrays Muslim women as not having many rights and privileges. Islam does however give women rights which include the right to be educated, work outside of the home and to inherit wealth. Family is considered very important in Islam and obligations to other family members are strongly stressed. It is very common for extended family members to all live together in the same house. Muslim women are allowed to participate in public life as long as their modesty is not affected. They are expected to wear Hijab, or covering, so that their sexuality will not be a source of temptation for men. Their rights, as in all cultures and communities over time, are often violated. As the Muslim empire grew, the role of women changed as well. Muslim men and women were originally seen as equal. “The prophet’s teachings proclaimed the equality of men and women before God and in Islamic worship.

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