Muslims Culture From Bollywood Movies Essay

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This might explains that why, when Muslims were not cruel, threatening or terrorists, most of the time they were invisible in the stories that could have reasonably included them (qty Hijri 61). If we look at the symbolism and the traditions, there is a domination of Hindu symbolism in the majority of films. The presentation of other religious traditions shown in the movies are limited as compare to Hindu traditions. Shvetal in her article talks about the disappearances of Muslims culture from Bollywood movies. She mentions that movies with main Muslim characters are usually based on specific subject. Mostly Indian movies show Hindu identity and culture, and have Hindu names. There is merely any movies that have Muslim main characters without any political issue. Another reason to portray Muslims as a negative character is the political agenda. As Kumar mentioned Hindustva Movement, who consider Muslims as ‘others’ this movement influence society with its majoritarian ideologies and create a cultural differences between the two communities. ….with ‘Hinduness’ at its core and explicit designation and interpretation of its enemy as the Muslim, is being ideologically carried out in the name of Hindutva , with Rahtriya Sevek Sangh, its affiliates and its political wing, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), becoming the socio-cultural and political trustees of this hegemonic construct (Kumar 459). The easiest and quick way to present Muslims in a stereotypical way to the public
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