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There is a huge controversy about the hijab in some countries; France, Turkey and Tunisia are the most recognized countries in banning the hijab. France is not like other countries that allow the hijab; it rejects the whole idea of wearing headscarves. France bans Muslim women who wear the hijab from going to schools or even having jobs. In the Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, women are forced to wear head scarves. Other countries like Turkey and Tunisia ban whoever female works in the education field from covering her head. The hijab is a symbol of being Muslim, and it should it be left to the Muslim women to wear it or not.
French, Turkish, and Tunisian should ask themselves the question, why do we have Muslims here? The
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That does not mean that Islam makes discrimination between the two genders like the French think. They have to be liberated from these ideas. “The wearing of the hijab is the equivalent of someone walking with a sandwich board proclaiming that men and women are not equal,” said Sandrine Mazetier, a Paris deputy who handles immigration for the Socialist Party in the National Assembly (Sachs 2). How can important and educated people in France think like this ignorant way? Islamic scholars think it’s enough to wear modest clothes. It’s acceptable to wear headscarves, but not going beyond that and wearing naqib or burqa.
France also discriminates against Muslim women who wear the hijab. They do not allow them to enter schools. They put this law of banning the hijab in 2994 law prohibition inside schools (Esposito 265). On the other hand, they permit other religious people to practice their religions. They allow Roman Catholic students wearing a crucifix, Protestant students wearing a cross, Jewish male students wearing a skullcap (Muslim Headscarves 1). This law is not only for schools, but also for jobs. They dismiss these Muslim women from their jobs. This law has impacted their families. Some of these women do not have fathers, brothers, or husbands to help them get money. In this case, they have to work to feed whoever they are responsible for. Where are human rights that France always talks about? Or is it only a phrase that France uses to
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