Mussie Eyob Research Paper

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It is with great concern that I come to you on behalf of Mussie Eyob, an Eritrean Christian who is being detained in Me’etr prison. In February 2011, while living in Saudi Arabia, he was arrested for the "crime" of telling Muslims about his Christian faith. Then, after his deportation to Eritrea in November of the same year, he disappeared into the vast Eritrean prison system. Mussie Eyob is not a threat to the government or to any individual since his only "crime" is his belief in the Christian faith. In spite of that, he has been imprisoned since 2011.

Another Eritrean Christian, Mussie Ezaz, a husband and father to three sons, was arrested in 2007. His family does not know when, or if, he will be released since he has never been tried or
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