“Mussolini's Economic and Social Policies Only Had Limited Success.” How Far Do You Agree?

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Throughout his time in power, Mussolini implemented new social and economic policies which varied in their success. Socially, his policies such as controlling workers worked in the short run as Dopolavoro numbers were high, however in the long run they were a failure, due to the lack of loyalty workers showed to Mussolini during his fall from power after world war one. Mussolini's 'Battles' were the least successful aspect of his policies, with his youth policies also limiting success. Nevertheless his social policy of propaganda through the media enabled him to depict these failures as success to a large degree, heightening the overall success of social policies. In addition to this Mussolini did achieve both economic and social success…show more content…
Resulting in the policy of controlling workers having limited success, more so than his policies of controlling media and his transport policies. Mussolini aimed to control workers outside of work to create loyal Italians in all aspects of society. His method of doing this was the creation of the Dopolavoro in 1925. This did have success as by the 1930s he controlled all soccer clubs, 1350 theatres, 2000 drama societies and more. Every town and village had a Dopolavoro clubhouse and by 1939 he had 4 million members. However although there was success in that Italians were going to the Dopolavoro after work which Mussolini controlled, the success was limited as it did not increase loyalty to Mussolini. This is because members only paid lip service to fascist ideas and there was an emphasis on having a good time, not on propaganda. Therefore this limited success meant that his aim of creating loyal Italians was not achieved by this policy. In addition to this Mussolini's social policies of the 'the salute', his aim to stop women wearing trousers and the changing of voi to lei were failures, supports the statement that Mussolini's social policies had limited success. People did not participate in these new social policies as they saw them as petty and interfering. Therefore, by implementing them ordinary people lost support for the regime and Mussolini which highlights the lack of success this policy had in creating loyal fascists.

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