Must Capitalism Always Be Exploitative? Discuss By Maitiú Boylan

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“Must Capitalism always be exploitative? Discuss” by Maitiú Boylan

The title of this essay is quite a striking one, and one could also argue that it is toxic. The reason for this ,firstly, is that it is stating that capitalism is exploitative, and then it is asking us, the discussers, to answer whether that exploitation should continue or not, effectively putting us on the spot for answering to some potentially heated criticism of our answer post-discussion. For example, if one was to say, in conclusion, that capitalism must always be exploitative, they would certainly come under fire for basically supporting the exploitation and hardship of workers and people.
However, if one was to say that capitalism must not necessarily always be exploitative, then they would still be conceding that exploitation must still occur at some point. Given the nature of capitalism, and how it is seen today, it is very difficult to see a situation where it doesn’t have to be exploitative. The definition alone may not directly guarantee that exploitation is a necessary component, however if you break down the theory of capitalism, and how societies function, it becomes apparent very quickly how easily capitalism can take advantage of exploitation.
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I feel it fitting to begin with what we mean by capitalism and exploitation, so we know what exactly we are associating exploitation in capitalism with.

Exploitation aside for a moment, it is important to define what we mean by capitalism, or basically what it means. In its pure form, capitalism is the attempt of all parties to maximize profits in economic exchanges.
A significant ‘positive’ feature of capitalism, ideally, is the fact that economic freedom aids political
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