Must Christians Chose Between Evolution and Creationism? Essay

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Must Christians Chose Between Evolution and Creationism?

The debate of evolution and creationism has extended since the beginning of time. In fact, it is not even as simple as these two opposing views. Each person seems to have formed their own theory which has a unique list of beliefs and dimensions. This makes a complex and difficult task when trying to find agreement between each of these unique theories. However, many Christians are finding it necessary to discover an alternative to the extremist views of evolution and creationism.

An article on the world wide web entitled the "Theory of evolution vs. creation," summarizes the debate between evolution and creationism. According to this article, the controversy between these
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Because creationism is centered around God, many Christians have been persuaded to join this cause. However, there are also many Christians who believe that evolution is the mechanism which best explains how life originated. This belief does not deny the fact that God is the creator, it only states that God used evolution as a tool to create. Thus, for Christians, the question still remains, must we choose evolution or creationism?


Traditionally, science was created to justify the presence of God and scientific theories were based on a supreme creator. In other words, our primary purpose for doing science was to prove God's existence and to show God's ultimate design or purpose in our world. However, in 1859, Charles Darwin's, Origin of Species, shocked many people and caused them to reevaluate their established beliefs. Roland Mushat Frye likens Darwin and his theory to a "volcanic eruption or a great earthquake which shook everything in its range and charged the contours of the land."(Frye,1983) According to the theory proposed by Charles Darwin, there are three main principles which play a role in the evolutionary process: the occurrence of random variation, the mechanism of heredity, and a struggle for existence.(Nelkin,1982) The interplay of these three principles determine the species whose characteristics will survive to be inherited by future generations. Darwin's explanation of biological change excluded the necessity of
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