Must We Reform Laws to Make It Harder to Get a Divorce?

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Must we reform laws to make it harder to get a divorce? Would it annihilate the construction of the family, or would it serve as a headrest? Several arguments had occurred, however the answer remains various according to different perspectives. Marriage is a sacred phase in our lives consisting of a man loving a woman; thus, they come to be married by means of choice. [The Article, “Should It Be More Difficult To Get A Divorce”] states that no person should be enforced to make life decisions based on what others might think what is best to do. Kids age up healthy with both parents at their side, in spite of this they do better with ones that are not strained to act a fake play. Obligation will never exist as an answer if it was not…show more content…
Individuals are bound to misapprehend others; in the same way, perception is born within us. Reforming laws concerning the divorce burden will cause confusion amongst family members, which might lead to false decision-making and eventually. [In the Article, “Getting A Divorce: Should It Be More Difficult To Obtain A Divorce?”] Huffington Post (February, 2013), Beverly Willet argued that methods such as the “me-centered approach to Divorce” achieves no positive progress into saving people from falling into the pit of doom. Willet also mentioned that Spouses try to get a divorce as hard as they tried when it came to marriage, noting that children are the sole bearers of whatever outcome that occurs when a divorce act is served. Countless options are efficient more than making it harder to get a divorce; instead, marriage should be harder to prevent any future faults from becoming. [Another article, “Should a Divorce Be Harder To Obtain?”] Divorce Support, Cathy Meyer remarks that “on the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale – showing whether or not stress contributes into illness – divorce is number two, right after death.” Even though it is labeled as a nerve-wracking event in life, people think that it should be so quick and easy to occur; even before having to think about it if such mechanism is possible. While altogether did not agree upon the statement on this subject, particular supporters favor such
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