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Mustang Jeans. Disclaimer: This video material accompanies your text and is made by McGraw Hill. The video is in no way a current representation of either of the two business cultures that were portrayed. The cultural behaviors of the “American” or “Japanese” in the video do not accurately reflect business behaviors in these countries so please do not generalize based on the video. The video is meant as a classroom exercise to analyze a specific cultural encounter. Total 20 points. Answer the following questions. What was striking about the attitude of the seller. (name 3 attributes of behavior) 3 Points 1._He was focused more on himself than the relationship. 2. He frequently used the word I and kept being pushy about the sale.…show more content…
Although the deal was not closed, the buyer and seller talked more about getting to know each other at a later time. The seller then understood he needed to talk less about business and get to know the buyer more personally. ------------------------------------------------- How would you characterize both players in terms of (1) HI LO context, (2) Linear active versus reactive or multi-active, (3) Hi power distance versus low power distance? Provide an example that illustrates each of the 3 characteristics. This is a longer answer, use more space if you require. Make sure you list each of these cultural characteristics and identify where the buyer and seller belongs with a example. 9 Points I would categorize the buyer as having a high power context, and the seller as having a low power context. The buyer did not care a great deal about the relationship between the two, while the seller was ultimately much more concerned about their personal relationship. This was demonstrated throughout their interaction. If the seller could have gotten the deal signed with no relationship built, he would have, but the buyer did not care as much about the details of the contract. This shows that the seller was involved in a much lower context, and the buyer came spoke with high context. He placed a high value on interpersonal communication, and the seller used very little words and used the contract to talk. In this example, the buyer was

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