Mustapha Mond Descriptive Language

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Mustapha Mond, one out of ten of the World State controllers, is written in the novel as main leader. Mond has gained credibility and authority through his process of being educated in the past before the World State was established. He is fit to guide society through his knowledge of past mistakes and has earned his spot as ruler to the new world. Mustapha Mond is wise and knowing when speaking in ‘Brave New World.’ “Feeling lurks in that interval of time between desire and its consummation. Shorten that interval, break down all those old unnecessary barriers.” Through this quote, the reader is induced of the credibility this world ruler has. He provides wisdom in the ordered world. Mond implies the motto of “community, identity and stability” and Huxley includes him for the motto to show meaning beneath a leader. Mustapha Mond is an element of credibility to lead World Stater’s in applying this way of life. Through descriptive language such as futuristic void type writing, the audience feels the emotion of emptiness and the World State progresses. The audience sympathizes for characters such as John and Linda, the represented outcasts. The audience became connected to Linda as a mother figure and Huxley killed Linda to break the emotion of losing this empathized character. As the kids were watching Linda die in the hospital it also created a barrier for the audience to be appalled by the behavior of acceptance by these kids. The same goes for John; John killing himself
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