Mustapha Mond Leadership

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This quote refers to Bernard’s treatment of Helmholtz and John after his embarrassment. Bernard bullies his two friends whenever he feels weak because there is no one else whom he has the power to put belittle. In reality, his friends have done nothing to wrong him and he is angry the Arch-Community-Songster and others abandoned him and allowed his reputation to tarnish. However, in his abuse of his friends, Bernard portrays an unfortunately true characteristic of humanity. Human life has been a competition for ages from careers to relationships. While friends are there for us to rely on throughout trials and triumphs, they also sometimes serve as the people we release our pent up emotions to or on. Friends must be willing…show more content…
They demand that the group follow them when they themselves do not and, in doing so, corrupt the entire system. Power is the problem. Leaders allow their power to go to their heads and make decisions based on their own superiority. How can a good leader expect his/her followers to obey laws that they themselves violate? The answer is that they cannot. Mustapha has made himself not only a hypocrite but a faulty and arrogant leader. In this society that is so perfectly conditioned, his own rule-breaking could destroy it all, just as any violators have the potential to change government for everyone. This breaking of the world’s laws is also what started the brave new world and destroyed “normal” humanity. The founders created their own new laws for how the world ought to work and chose to implement them on the rest of mankind. However, these founders have not conditioned themselves, so how could they be fit to decide the future of humanity? Individuals capable of making laws that they themselves do not follow should never be given positions of power or leadership…show more content…
In general, societies themselves are each like large mob or crowd. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941, the entire nation became weary and angered by Japanese Americans and visitors. The crowd mentality in countries is what leads to mass strikes, political battles, and even wars. Similarly, in Brave New World all of the citizens were like one giant mob and the beliefs and attitude of the populous injured anyone who opposed it. For instance, Bernard’s tarnished reputation due to him behaving conservatively and the fascination with the Savage. The conditioning through childhood helped accentuate this crowd mentality and thought and the group’s “unity” makes the crowd and even stronger
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