Mustard, Super-Large Mustard And The American Dream

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People are constantly looking for something better in order to feel as if they have the best they can get. Such people can be categorized as Costco shoppers, which often are the people who want to save money by buying items of extravagant sizes for less, in result thinking they are doing something beneficial. The prevalence of these super-sized items glaringly reflects the American culture, as well as the American Dream, and how it plays a role in the lives of many American citizens.
Mustard, more specifically “super-huge mustard” is simply mustard that is put into large packaging. Largely apparent at stores such as Costco, which is mostly known for selling items in bulk and excess. There is something about “super-huge mustard” that makes the average shopper at Costco’s eyes widen with amazement at such the grandeur that mustard could have. “Why opt for less when you can have more for close to the same price?” is the point of view of many Costco shoppers. This saving of money by buying more for less portrays in a larger sense America as a whole. As a small child walking through Costco, I always stared in awe at the warehouse-esque shelving and bulk packaging that was apparent in this unending store. I would always wander through the aisles grabbing the many items I wanted and vehemently tried to convince my parents to buy it as they proceeded to place it back on the shelf. The American Dream. A dream that many people try to achieve, including myself, so that life will seemingly be better. The need to achieve more is the constant drive of many Americans. In a way, Costco represents this American Dream, because by buying these largely sized items we are trying to have more, thus having a sense of extravagance. Extravagance, a way for Americans to surpass everybody else by having more than others. By buying items in excess from places such as Costco, Americans end up having more than they need. It is through having this surplus of items that Americans may be able to portray success. Since by having the ability to buy this large amount of items, Americans are showing how they are better than somebody who may have a lesser amount than them. Such extravagance as a result of shopping at Costco has been

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