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Museum Paper #2

The two works of art that I have chosen for this paper are The Lacemaker by Nicolaes Maes and Young Women Drawing by Marie-Denise Villers. Each painting that I have analyzed displayed a different subject matter and showed the importance of what the artist wanted to represent in his paintings. How they wanted us to see the values and the attributions being depicted in their work. What it meant for them and how it held such a great significance. The Lacemaker was painted in 1656-1657 by Dutch painter Nicolaes Maes. It is very small, oil on canvas painting that is in very good condition. It is whole and undamaged and there are no scratches or surface abrasions. It is bounded around by a wooden frame. The painting depicts
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The Young Women Drawing was painted in 1801 and by French painter Marie-Denise Villers. It is a large, 63 1/2 x 50 5/8 painting, and the condition of it was very good but it had surface abrasions visible on the front. It is an oil painting and it is bounded around a frame with decorations starting on the top and going all around. This painting look like it is set up and that it is probably a self portrait. The artist looks like she is standing in front of a mirror and that she has a drawing board which she is sketching the image of her reflection in the mirror. It shows her in a full length figure and she occupies a great amount of space. Her upper body turned at an angle, and she is sitting on a chair, and has on a beautiful, light decorative dress that she prepared for that moment. She has a crest on and the chair has red drapery that she used for decoration. They dress and drapery are both flowing decoratively and sitting comfortably on her. The setting is indoors and is probably in a studio. The space is based on the amount that is reflected in the mirror. She only painted what she saw and could portray from the mirror. It looks though that she had an open area and was in a large room. There is also a window in the room and it shows a building in the background. There is a man and women standing next to each other who are couples holding hands. The light is strongly illuminated on her and colors are very
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