Mutiny In Romeo And Juliet

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Unfamiliar Word Educated Guess Dictionary Definition Piteous This word’s prefix is similar to pity. Therefore it should logically mean the two families will reunite with pity intertwined in their hearts and endeavor to start a new beginning with peace. Using the Oxford dictionary they describe piteous as, deserving or arousing pity. I am proud of myself for using the technique of observing the prefix and therefore understanding the meaning of the word. Civil In this particular sentence Shakespeare uses irony to discuss two corrupt views who wholeheartedly believe their perspective is civilized not comprehending that numerous deaths lay on their shoulders. Similar to my analyzation this word’s true intention describes citizens who (ironically) are civilized, cultured and polite with the other social classes. Dignity A person who has overcome adversities and is worthy to be elevated in the social hierarchy, gaining both respect, equality, and self-importance. In the definition for words in Romeo and Juliet, dignity is a word which describes a social position in the overall hierarchy. It is truly astounding that a word through the ages can transform into a different meaning. Mutiny When one perspective uses someone as a scapegoat which has been caused by jealously and unforgiven grudges. Mutiny, otherwise known as a riot. Its definition is located in the Romeo and Juliet word translator. Star-crossed Karma and fate lead significant people to certain
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