Mutual Relationships With Mutual Relationship

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There is a lot of different opinions when it comes to having a mutual relationship with a male and female without it being anything more. Many believe that this is not right because they feel as though that no man and woman could possibly be friends without any feelings involved in the relationship. This view is often associated with the person who has a significant other that has a close friend that is of the opposite sex. Others who have friends that are of the opposite sex feel as though nothing is wrong with it because they are used to it. I feel as though this topic is rooted to the fact that it is only for the people that are mature, it is important for people on both sides to be mature and have clear intentions with both the friend…show more content…
However, people argue that a heterosexual male and female couldn’t be friends because it often ends with them starting a relationship even if they were friends with the person while they had a significant other. I have also seen this happen where a friend of mines was friends with a girl that had a boyfriend and he also had a girlfriend but now they were so close that their friendship has turned into a relationship. I feel as though if everyone knows the other persons intention it will be less difficult, even though sometimes their intentions often change.
Communicating with a person of the opposite sex about how you feel emotionally often helps because something you would not feel comfortable with just venting to the same sex. Although men seem strong and nothing ever phases them it is important to have a friend for emotional support. Often men go through things that hit them emotionally and it is better to have a female to vent to rather than another male. This is shown when someone loses a family or a tragic situation of that sort, sure your buddies can give you a word of encouragement but to tell someone how you feel deep down inside it is helpful to have a female to talk to. Often women are more comfortable to talk to than a guy about something a male is going through on an emotional level. Emotionally, females feel as though men create a safer environment because often times it is hard for them to trust their
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