My ATV Trip

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One of my all time favorite things to do is to ride the ATV. I first started riding the ATV when I was 6 months old with my Grandpa. I started to drive when I was 4 years old with my Grandpa. Then I started driving by myself when I was ten years old. Going on an ATV trip means spending time with my family and enjoying the sights in the mountains. On my last ATV trip I had a blast. It had rained so much that there was mud puddles everywhere. During a day trip ride with my Mom, Uncle John and Aunt Carmen we came across multiple puddles of mud. My Uncle John, Aunt Carmen and I drove our ATVs thru the mud puddles and got very dirty. My Mom totally avoided the mud puddles and we were all laughing at her! The last ride of that trip my Uncle John and I went on a night ride. My Mom made me promise to not drive thru the mud puddles. {I so didn’t listen!} Uncle John and I drove thru the biggest mud puddle ever. We were completely covered in mud. My Mom was very mad at me and said she didn’t want to hear any complaining if I got sick. Guess who got sick? My Mom who got a double ear infection and I didn’t even get a sniffle.

I love baseball! My Mom told me that when I was 3 my Dad signed me up for peewee soccer. I hated soccer and cried at every game. After soccer ened my Mom said that I asked to play the game where there is the ball and the stick. I didn’t even know that the stick was called a bat. My parents signed me up for peewee baseball and I was hooked. I have been
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