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In this essay, I will be discussing the book The Abandonment written by Peter Rock. This paper will detail the facts and feelings behind the argument and in my conclusion; I will discuss the fascination in regards to Book cover #5. I actually took the time to read the material twice the information provided became more educational the further into the novel. I will say that I had to free myself to immerse in a journey of exploration that I probably did not know existed. The reading of the Abandonment put me face to face with the unfamiliar. Peter Rock's My Abandonment was, inspired by a true story and told through the voice of his a very mature young woman by the name of Caroline. This novel is a spellbinding ray of survival and…show more content…
Granted I know they dress in camouflage and move around every time her father believes they have been found. They are constantly in a state of paranoia and wearing flashlights over their heads. It is important to be warm, it’s important to have some type hygiene, and for basic needs a source of income. “ The post office is just is just over the St. Johns Bridge, on Ivanhoe Street. I rush to our box and lean my eye to the little window and there is an envelope inside. It’s fathers check that the government sends him every month for being in the war” (Rock, pg 22). I will admit that this thirteen-year-old Caroline is a smart teenager who probably could outshine children her own age. Her father happens to be a veteran who has home schooled her with encyclopedias and books from the near by library. But, unfortunately he has also while also put in her head that the schools system and society as a whole is nothing but trash. Her father whose name is still unknown felt that keeping her away from society was the best thing for her. This conflict leads to destructive behavior on her fathers part. I argue why did the father not truly believe that they were homeless? From the reading they never consider themselves homeless because they lived in the wood by choice. As much as Father believes his darling Caroline is growing up to be a healthy young woman and that she definitely could out shine other children, she is not a well-rounded child. From

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