My Ability As An Effective Teacher

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I have always questioned my ability as an effective teacher. Every lesson I teach or conjure up in the wee hours of the night requires the learner in mind. Hospitals are for patients, so schools should be for students. Yet, there is a constant gravitation towards running schools based on money and logistics. These issues are out of the educator’s hands, but the ideals, and the decision makers, that fuel them can have detrimental effects on the teachers recruited to the field and the effectiveness with which these teachers continue through their career. Year after year, professional development in public education seems to try to fix the same issues with the same conversations and the same quick fix band aids. If these conversations were…show more content…
I learned more about pedagogical skills, or the actual art of forming and lesson, reaching different types of learners, meeting different needs, and closing achievement gaps in my graduate studies to becoming a reading specialist, my principal certification, and my own personal experiences as a teacher in the classroom. Although at the time I wanted my student teaching to be completed as fast as possible, I now understand that more knowledge of my subject was necessary. Professional development books became a weekly buy at Barnes and Noble because I was constantly trying to figure out a better way to educate students. University programs feel their programs are extensive enough to prepare individuals for the classroom. As long as departments meet accreditation requirements, the effectiveness with which these courses are taught weaken and only passing rates on final exams are scrutinized. One semester of student teaching, coupled with field experience and a few education classes are deemed enough to fill much needed teaching positions simply because there is a shortage of teachers. If the track to obtain a degree is easy, there are more students. More students mean more money for the university. More graduates mean more empty teaching jobs filled. Student achievement is the underpinning of education and is directly correlated to teacher effectiveness; therefore,
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