My Academic Journey

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The journey I have made academically this summer semester is something I will never forget. The knowledge I have gained over how to write a proper essay has made me appreciate how important writing is. Without knowing how to write a essay or just to write more formally I would not be moving forward successfully in my academic journey nor would I be obtaining the goals I have setup for myself. With all this in mind, the goal of this essay is to give a deeper understanding on who I am as writer, what I have experienced so far on this academic journey, and where and how I will be using the new knowledge in the future. First let us take a look into who I am as a writer. As a writer I like to style my papers into a way that the reader would think I am right there talking to he/she about it. I am a very "down to earth" guy. When I am typing out my papers, I want make it feel like I am talking to the reader themselves. Recently, I have found prove of this because, in my composing process essay I used a lot of figure of speech. One of the problems I have found with using figure of speech is that sometime it can be misleading or confusing to readers. I have made notes and further educated myself in how to properly use figure of speech in my essay in the future. Another thing I found that I do when I write is, get into a pattern of repeating words excessively. I discovered in my summary analysis paper that I would begin a majority of sentences with the same word. From my
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