My Academic Journey

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Not everyone who attends college takes advantage of the scholastic opportunities available as students. One reason might be because they have not yet aquired the academic confidence or perceive education as a priority. Looking back at my adolescence, both of these perspectives were displayed through my behavior. Nonetheless, the past eight years of my life illustrate major growth and development as an individual, a family member, a co-worker, and a student—a journey which led me to this moment. Literally, this very moment! I now possess the academic confidence to present an analysis of my life's history and academic objectives to a committee of scholars/professionals, which is unquestionably a significant achievement. Thus, becoming…show more content…
I recognize all the tools the Navy bestowed upon me. The military provided me with an array of valuable life skills, such as—but not limited to—leadership/followership, organizational, communication, and team building skills, which I effectively deployed as a sailor. My intensive application of these skills eventually led me to being ranked at the top of my peers, and then to assume the rank of Petty Officer Third Class, which required me to take on various leadership roles on board both a Naval Destroyer and an Amphibious Assault Ship. The development and application of my leadership tactics and strategies earned me a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for superior performance of duty, which emphasized my growth as a leader. Many of the tools from that life experience transitioned smoothly into the scholarly setting. I have effectively utilized many of those tools during my pursuit towards completing my educational and career objectives, and I will continue to apply those tools during my educational pursuit towards creating a well rounded academic profile. Following my active-duty-enlistment in the military, I developed a list of educational objectives. In addition, I instantly executed my Veterans Affairs educational benefits, which allowed me to establish both long and short term educational objectives. Though amendments were made during my educational journey, my academic path has always pointed in the same
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