My Academic Life Has Been Great So Far

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My academic life has been great so far. I like studying at the Marymount California University because I believe that the MCU can make my dreams become true.
The only issue I have is Mathematics. I don’t like math since high school.
Since I was a kid, I always loved computers and everything related to technology. I started programing when I got into high school. So far I have only built software’s to manage businesses such as: Hotels, shops, schools, pharmacies, and clinics. I am not sure if I will be able to major in computer science because I don’t like mathematics. The strange thing is that I hate math, but I love programing and these are two things that are highly connected to each other. The thing is that programming is more about logic. In other words, is more about what makes sense and this is what I’m really good at. I’m not worried about majoring in a field related to technology because even if I don’t I will still always be connected to technology by developing software’s with the knowledge that I already have and I’m sure that I will be constantly updating my knowledge on this field
Since the business administration major have less math requirements and I don’t want to stay for too long in college because I have many projects that I want to build. I have decided that if I don’t major in a field related to technology, business administration would be my second option. First of all, Business administration because I would like to manage my own business and I
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