My Academic Literacy Improvement

Satisfactory Essays
The main intention of my plan for academic literacy improvement was to simplify my writing and create meaningful paragraphs. This involved limiting my use of unnecessary words or clichés. To begin this process, I first had to understand where I was failing in my writing. Through analysis of the feedback I received from websites such as ‘Paperrater’ and ‘The Writers Diet’, I began to get a grasp on my academic writing flaws and to take action towards correcting them. This involved submitting each piece of writing I completed throughout the unit to the above mentioned websites and undertaking research to develop a clear understanding of my flaws so that I was able to decipher and correct them. To assist in this process, I have researched previously unknown terms such as ‘nominalisation’ and printed off a copy of Donovan’s “English Grammar Card” (2011) to refer to. I have found these to be valuable tools to assist in improving my academic writing.
Allowing sufficient time between the commencement of drafting assessments and due dates has enabled me to spend a large amount of time
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Throughout all works I have completed since the writing of my plan for academic improvement, I have looked for other sources, such as video, to enhance the scope of what I am able to incorporate as scholarly examples in my own academic writing. With the aid of Grellier and Goerke, 2014, alongside the Curtin University referencing guide, intelligence from my tutor and other students’ referencing queries, I have been able to expand upon my knowledge base. This has allowed me to reference information that has helped me reach certain conclusions, without the fear of how to accomplish it. I shall continue to refer back to these sources to expand upon my repertoire of referencing in my ongoing academic
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