My Accomplishments

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I have had a lot of good accomplishments in my life but this one really sticks out to me. Last year I was a vocational student and I was in a program where I could get my CNA. I never really thought I was going to be able to do it because there was so much to do in the class and so much to learn in just one year. I remember my first day of clinical's and I was really nervous. Then it went by so fast and before I knew it was my last day of clinical's and learned so much in such a short period of time. Then it was test day and I had to put all the thing's I learned about being a CNA into this test and I didn't think I was going to pass it. We didn't know are scores for a week. Then they day came where we go to find out if we were a CNA and I passed.…show more content…
That's when I realized that I have changed and felt good about myself and also realized that I was growing up and moving on with my life and that I could actually get a job in what I want to do. I also realized that if I really want to do something I need to go for it and try my best until I get what makes me happy. Now I can go out and find a job in the hospital where I always wanted to be and work my way up to where I want to be. My plans for the future is to become a
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