My Adventure At the Ringling Museum

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My Adventure At the Ringling Museum My adventure started off with a google search of the The Ringling Museum to find directions and hours of the museum. Before looking on the museum’s website for the details I thought it was just a circus museum but to my amazement the Ringling Museum was so much more. It has a Museum of Art, CA’D’ZAN (“House of John”), education center, FSU Center for performing arts and the Bayfront Gardens.With it being so much more than a circus museum I was excited to get this adventure underway. I started my day going to the Museum of Art to see Ringling’s private European art collections. The galleries were arranged by time and geography. The galleries were made for the artwork so elements of the art pieces were built in the architecture. John Ringling purchased large pieces of art and from the artist that were going out of favor at the time. After exploring the main galleries I headed to the Searing Wing that display special exhibitions from Asia throughout the year. The Asia exhibit was Picturing Japan which was hand tinted illustrations of Japanese life back in 1896. The gallery was painted all white with the photos lining around the room at eye level height with the descriptions to the right of each photo. In the middle of the gallery it contained three partitions containing the explanation of the art and a map of Japan. On the other side of the partitions was photos of the Great Buddha and Nagoya Castle showing the different hand tinting

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