My Adventures Across The Wonderful World Of Literature

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Dear diary, Through all my adventures across the wonderful world of literature I log my judgement of the printing press changing our language right in front of me. 1946, the renaissance. March 12 Johann Gutenberg… for all he is worth, I despise him. The man named a hero! A Hero! Gutenberg a name to be remembered. Accomplishing a worldwide evolution in literature. His motivation not that of revolution, merely greed. His desire above all else is to become rich, yet I still envy all his name stands for. June 2 Johann Gutenberg- his previous work experience in the mint allowed his intuitive nature to derive a formula for success. His theory for success in wealth; making copious amounts of cheap products. Grandma spoke of the use of old wooden blocks in the olden days. She’d say “back in my day… no fancy gimmicks like you kids have. I would write in ink or dip a carved block in ink.” For Gutenberg the idea that made him famous, ‘the type writer’. Its functionality paramount to success in all areas of life. So the word spread of the obvious convenience for the people but what I don’t understand is how it benefits our language? September 22 In spite of recent findings I believe the answer to the effect of Gutenberg on the English language is not defined by what he achieved but merely the prospect of an advancing future. I imagine a world in which all the people of the land are able to write a story, a poem, a novel not restrained by the fact that they are not of a wealthy
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