My Adversities Give my Life Purpose

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I believe that my life is constricted with great purpose. A purpose that has caused the hardships I have endured to be the core of my considerably various achievements, opened a door for me to support others and gave me the hope of an influential and resourceful future.
When I was four years old, I was diagnosed with high myopia, an eye condition that causes severe nearsightedness. Three years after my diagnosis, My hospital referenced me to to be treated abroad as my condition was proven to be fetal. But, my parents couldn't afford the cost, so they tried to get me a sponsor by entering me into a non-for-profit German Church School. I had finished first grade but I had to stay back because the school only accepted students beginning from first grade.
With me as an inspiration, my sister, KeAbnesh Girma Zewdie, established New Vision Children Foundation (NVCF), a New York based non-for-profit foundation which focuses on bringing medical attention to disadvantaged children with sever visual impairment. As a result, I became the spokesperson of the foundation. After nine years, of having been entered into the German school, she found me a sponsor in the U.S., separate from the foundation. In which case, I got a one year Visitor (B1) visa and attended tenth grade in Brooklyn Preparatory High School. During that school year, I was entered into the Honor Roll of the High School. I also applied for and…

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