My Ag Science Class

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My favorite class for four years was Ag Science I did this class in my freshman year to my senior year. I like Ag at my old school because we got to do a lot of hands on stuff and I’m a very hands on person. I learned a little about everything in my freshman year, we had agriculture stuff from Vet Tech. to Small and Large animal Science to Ag Mechanics and Floristry. I liked all of them except Vet Tech. I enjoyed animal science because I liked working with animals and had more experience with them. Ag was an easy “A” class and I loved it and the teachers who worked there. Though Mrs.D was my favorite she was always perky and she liked having me in her class because I did more in the class coming during lunch just to clean out the large and small animal cages and letting…show more content…
Mrs.D always wanted my help when it came to large and small animals. The school had many small animals from mice to guinea pigs and large animals from ponies (minis and shetlands) to goats, pigs, lambs and chickens. My two favorite things to do in ag was doing the dog grooming and working with the large animals. I had small animals for first semester then had large animals second semester. When I did small animals I was always with Mrs.D helping with the dogs while she was grooming them. Mrs.D always wanted my help because I was very hands on and I loved helping with the dog grooming. One time when I was holding onto a corgi mix for Mrs.D while she was doing his nails he tried to bit me. My friend had asked Mrs.D if she should get a muzzle and being sarcastic Mrs.D said no just let her get bit so she didn’t grab a muzzle. Then Mrs.D said put a muzzle on the dog or hes going to bit her. So finally she put one on him and I was relieved and Mrs.D said to her don’t take that seriously what I said because if Ann gets bitten by the dog its going to be your fault so next time just put a muzzle on if a dog tries to bite
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