My Air Force Story

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It was the night of 29th March 1979, and so my mother told me, when her second child came out to this world while my father was so excited waiting outside the delivery room of AFP Medical Center. Dad told me that from that delivery room, he never lost sight of his first son and followed the nurses until the baby was brought to the Nursery, eagerly monitoring every activity up to the time the tag was attached naming me as ‘baby boy Brotonel’. I am CPT BRYAN BISCOCHO BROTONEL O-14294 PAF and this is the Humble Beginnings of My Air Force Story.

The sight and sounds of planes and helicopters is very familiar to me because I grew up in an Air Force Base with my father being an Enlisted man of the Philippine Air Force, my
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Other than that, I also joined the Student Catholic Action (SCA) where I learned to share God’s words to out of school youths and informal settlers within the vicinity of the school. And it gave me great appreciation to the simplest things in life that others take for granted, simple joys, which are considered a treasure to the urban poor.

My life in high school is not all about prestige and fun because it was also a period in my life when I experienced difficulties, in terms of studies, emotional stress and peer pressure. I admit, I am not an intelligent student and just like those other students, I experienced having red marks on my report card and my parents being called by the class adviser due to my failing grades, especially Math subjects which really gave me the hardest time. Even though my grades were low, my parents didn’t give up on me and continued to guide me up to the day when I finally graduated from high school, giving them so much joy and a feeling of fulfillment. Indeed adolescent life is a better experience especially if you spend it with really good friends and supportive family.

After all the learning experiences and lessons in life during my adolescence, now comes another chapter to experience and learn from; that is what they call the Emerging Adulthood stage. And what was the next step for me, College that is. Because of my experience with numbers and computations during high school, I decided to take a
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