My Almost Four Years at St. Joseph's College

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Throughout my almost four years at Saint Joseph’s College, I have gained heaps of knowledge about various topics, anywhere from my Sports Management classes to Business to Physical Education. But little did I know, when I signed up to be a Puma, I signed up for something beyond a great education. My beliefs, values, and ethics have been put to the test. Not only going through the huge life changing event of going to college, but I have been asked time and time again what I thought and what I believed. This semester in Core 9, I have learned more about myself than I thought there was to me. My beliefs have blossomed into a never ending love for God and a desire to become closer to God every single day. My values have been tested to the…show more content…
Malone stated that “God wants us to use our suffering to make the world and ourselves better.” This speaks to me because I don’t think that God can force your choice especially with the free will. God also gave us something that he didn’t have to give us. He gave us the power to make our own decisions, free will. Everyday we make decisions, big or small. The small decisions like what to wear and what to eat are not as important in our development as a person as who we surround ourselves with, our friends. At one point in my life, I surrounded myself with the wrong group of people. As a consequence of being around people with questionable values, my image suffered greatly. People make decisions sometimes that they are going to hurt someone. These are life altering decisions. These decisions can really hurt your relationship with God and with other people that you surround yourself with. Sach’s, he brings up another great point by saying, “We are really free to be, free to ourselves, different from God. The real freedom of the world is what God most intensely desires and is its greatest good. For, only in freedom can there be a real relationship of love in which each of the lovers takes delight in the mystery of the other.” (Sachs 27). Later in that same section, he says, “On its deepest level, it is the capacity and responsibility to be in loving relationship with

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