My American Culture Analysis

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My birth parents separated when I was too young to remember. Growing up, I never knew my father, but was always told of his shortcomings. Both my parents were born and raised in two Nebraska towns not even a mile apart. My father met my mother while he was home on leave from the Marine Corp. I figured they both wanted to escape the familiar monotony of the heartland, so they ran off to California and eloped. I was born shortly after on June 13, 1985 at Tri City Hospital in Oceanside, California. From what I could find, I am mostly German descent from both sides of my family. My mother’s side descended from prominently Volga Lutherans, while my father’s side is the more traditional Rhineland Germans. Most of Nebraska’s culture is heavily German…show more content…
My sister is moving back to England with her British husband. My brother married a Filipino woman. All three of us travel frequently. I have never been content staying in one place for too long. Despite having many influences growing up I believe my daily routine unfolds every day fairly typical.
Typical Daily Actions
1. Every morning I get out of bed and into the shower. British kids showered only a handful of times throughout the week but in American Culture, distinct body odors are considered offensive even in rural Nebraska.
2. I brush my teeth in the shower to conserve as much water as possible. While serving in the Coast Guard and growing up as a military brat, water conservation was a requirement. I still follow this rule today.
3. I floss. For some reason few floss on a regular basis anymore. Flossing in my opinion is the most important way to maintain good oral hygiene. My English friends never flossed let alone brushed regularly. Body or breath odors were not regarded as much of a significant issue as they are in
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I help my child with his homework, give him his bath and tell him I love him every day. I had a hard time with school growing up due to ever changing homes. The only downfall of my experiences was restarting so much growing up. I teach my child to be mindful of others and to always ask questions. My father was stern growing up yet I want my child to not feel the need to suppress his emotions so much as I did.
10. I check the social media and news feeds at the end of the day before going to sleep. To me, feeling oblivious is annoying. I’ve come to find, broad issues have more of a local impact than some would believe.
In my reflection I quickly realized traits I’ve pieced together through a balanced mixture of acculturation and tradition. Most of how I react to the world is attributed through trial and error. I’m comfortable accepting foreign ideas and differences more so than my previous generations. I would say putting in a solid effort to understand other’s viewpoints holds critical to understanding why people come to their conclusions. Sometimes I feel congeneric to a chameleon changing colors to match various surroundings. I’ve found this opens a fresh set of opportunities I would not have seen
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