My American Dream By Stephanie Maier

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My American Dream Intro: The American Dream; three small words yet they hold so much meaning to American citizens, whether they know it or not. Freedom, money, material possessions, liberty, happiness; these are all things that can encompass the definition of the American Dream. As an immigrant it can mean freedom, as a United States Citizen it can mean Liberty, and as an individual it can mean the ability to acquire material prosperity and wealth. As the years march on, this concept changes as our world is advancing. In Stephanie Maier 's article she explains this very well, "There is little doubt that the definition of the American Dream has changed as America itself has changed. As the fabric of society shifts focus, so does the focus of the Dream." Our world is constantly changing which means that our values and desires are going to change; we cannot avoid that. My values of an American Dream is a country willing to welcome others, which embodies liberty, freedom, and justice, that gives you the right to family and religion. Paragraph 1: My grandfather, Isadore Ackerman, came to America, as an immigrant in 1930. Because of religious persecution, they departed from Russia and Romania. Arriving on Ellis Island, they were strangers to everyone and the American culture, including the language. The Ackermans had to find a sponsor, a place to live, as well as having to meet all the requirements America placed on them. One thing my mom remembers from when she was little

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