My American Dream

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Our American Reality The classic “American Dream” can be envisioned as a white picket fence, crisp lawn, and two young children playing about in front of a lightly hued colonial style home. Once the ideal of ultimate success within the United States, this life goal is now just an image on a page of a 1960’s chapter within a United States history textbook. Now, America’s strong-willed and influential millennials have thoroughly and unapologetically redefined the “American Dream”. The Center for a new American Dream defines this new goal as "... a focus on more of what really matters, such as creating a meaningful life, contributing to community and society, valuing nature, and spending time with family and friends." ( Speaking through experience, this new dream resonates clearly within myself. Coming from a divorced home, my largest heartbreak in my life was knowing that I would no longer have my own home to grow and developmentally prosper within. Entering highschool, I began picking up many extracurricular activities and two-part time jobs at Walgreens and Zoots Drycleaning Service. I focused all of my frustration into my passions for hard work, business, and medical sciences. My “home”, or lack thereof, did not define me- my work ethic, passion for my community, and devotion to sticking by my loved ones is what fueled my intrinsic reward mechanism the most. These are the things that mattered to me. However, I alone am not what defines the New
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