My American Dream

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There is an ancient African adage that states “If you wish to move mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting stones today”. As a first generation immigrant to the United States and reminiscent of countless other immigrants who have come before me, moving to a new country literally means starting your life all over again from scratch, but symbolically it signifies a rebirth of oneself and a chance to metamorphose into whatever new creature you aspire to be. Some of the challenges I faced included culture shock, language barriers, financial barriers, but the utmost significant one was the education barrier. I quickly realized that if I could bridge the education gap I would be able to overcome all the other barriers. For myself, having an education epitomized my assimilation into my new life by enabling me to chase my dreams and realize my unique American dream.
In the fall of 2012, I enrolled in North Hennepin Community College to pursue an Associate’s Degree in Accounting consequently awakening my thirst for learning. Majoring in accounting was an easy choice since I had a background in bookkeeping and I have always enjoyed working with numbers. My goal when I first enrolled in North Hennepin was to acquire an Associate’s Degree, and join the workforce, however, as I progressed closer to finishing my course there, I realized I wanted a Bachelors’ Degree since I enjoyed challenging myself and learning material that was critical to my career.
My decision to apply to
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