My Annual Salary For Five Years

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The hospital would allow me to have a deferred sabbatical leave and I would receive eighty percent of my annual salary for five years. Daniel did not have a job offer because there was no available position in the whole province of Quebec. We would have to wait for an opening while we were in California. We were not too much concerned about the fact that he did not have a job opportunity in Quebec because we were very busy with the wedding, selling our condo and moving all our belongings to Los Angeles. We were just trying to do one thing at the time so we would not be overwhelmed. It was now the time for us to enjoy our trip to our new home for the year. Our Los Angeles condo was rather small. It contained a bedroom, a narrow bathroom, a kitchen and a shared dining/living room. It was recently renovated and everything was in the white and grey tones. The kitchen had a white and grey granite counter top with stainless steel appliances and all the cabinets were painted in white. The floor was the only thing that brought character to the place as it was made of stained dark oak wood. The only closet was so tiny that I tried pushing on the walls hoping it was hiding a secret space. I already got rid of half of my clothes just before leaving and now I was about to get rid of the other half. I could not believe how much we were paying for renting such a small apartment. It was cozy but too pricy for its size. At least our front door led to a beautiful garden that had a fountain

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