My Anterior Cruciate Ligament: My Junior Year Of High School

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If I could do-over one day I would choose May 5, 2015 of my junior year of high school. On that day I tore my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and it changed my life forever. Tearing my ACL affected me academically, athletically, and mentally. My academics were affected because I had to teach myself all of my lessons and study on my own. When I was finally able to come back to school I only had a week to take 8 tests and 5 final exams. My grades fell slightly due to being out for so long, and my grade point average suffered. I have always had good grades and wanted to go to college. When my grade point average dropped, that was a wakeup call. During my senior year I have had to go above and beyond to bring my grade point average back up
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