My Antonia Symbolism Analysis

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During My Antonia there are many symbols which are used to provide messages to the reader about not only the story but about life. One of the biggest symbols used during the course of the story is the Nebraska prairie. Cather uses the prairie to show the reader both how good and tough life can be. For example, during the summer, the prairie is full of wonderful things like prairie dogs playing and it can provide the food needed to survive as a pioneer in the west. In the story, Jim says that “July came on with that breathless, brilliant heat which makes the plains of Kansas and Nebraska the best corn country in the world. It seemed as if we could hear the corn growing in the night”. However, during the winter it is cold and harsh and make…show more content…
They were big and warm and full of light, like the sun shining on brown pools in the wood”. This shows that Cather wanted you to think of Antonia of someone who you could admire and who you would want to be friends with right away.
In addition to be nice, she was a hard worker, willing to do whatever was necessary for her and her family to survive following her father’s death. She was willing to stop going to school to work on the farm, she said “I can work like mans now. My mother can't say no more how Ambrosch do all and nobody to help him. I can work as much as him. School is all right for little boys. I help make this land one good farm." Antonia was never afraid to go to work to make her life better which is what a lot of immigrants did when they came to America. Antonia shows throughout the story that hard work was needed to live and have a good life. I think Cather admired how hard people like Antonia worked and wanted that to show in the story.
Another way that Cather he admired her was that she never shows Antonia complaining about her hard life, she just accepts it and does what she need to be a great mother. Jim says “as I confronted her, the changes grew less apparent to me, her identity stronger. She was there, in the full vigor of her personality, battered but not diminished”. This shows that no matter how tough life was to her, she got through it and became a very

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