My Application For Understanding My Experience Through My Practicum

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A challenge for teachers through their daily routine can be to tell whether their students understand the material that has been taught. It is important for a teacher to know where his or her students are at in order to tell whether the teacher has to reteach a section or proceed onto the next concept. In subjects such as math or science, the curriculum often builds upon the previous concept, so knowing whether the students understand the current concept can be vital before moving to the next step. In this paper I will define checking for understanding, discuss my experience through my practicum, list different methods to check for understanding and build my toolkit that will help me with my teaching career. The idea of checking for…show more content…
At that point, the teacher is about to move onto the next section and it can be challenging to find time to revisit the material. “When teachers look at independent work, homework, quizzes, or state test results to see if students learned… it’s too late to modify instruction” (Bogdanovich, 2014). Checking for understanding is a process that is required throughout every lesson. It is required at the beginning, middle and end. The beginning is important to reconnect with the previous day’s lesson. During the class, the teacher needs to continually monitor the students’ progress. The teacher needs to check in with all of the students continuously throughout the lesson, making sure that every student has a clear idea of the current concept. At the end of the lesson, a closure is an important part for the students to reflect on their learning for the day. By checking for understanding throughout the lesson, one provides the opportunity for the students to have an understanding of the material. This should also make it so the students will be prepared for when the summative assessment, such as tests or quizzes, arises. From this, there should not be any surprises for the teacher about the students not understanding the material that was taught on the tests or quizzes. In my practicum, I taught a grade 8 math class and a grade 9 math class. I often started the class with questions on the board
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