My Application For Understanding My Experience Through My Practicum

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A challenge for teachers through their daily routine can be to tell whether their students understand the material that has been taught. It is important for a teacher to know where his or her students are at in order to tell whether the teacher has to reteach a section or proceed onto the next concept. In subjects such as math or science, the curriculum often builds upon the previous concept, so knowing whether the students understand the current concept can be vital before moving to the next step. In this paper I will define checking for understanding, discuss my experience through my practicum, list different methods to check for understanding and build my toolkit that will help me with my teaching career. The idea of checking for understanding can be very vague and might mean something different to different people. In this paper, “[c]hecking for understanding is the teacher continually verifying that students are learning what is being taught while it is being taught.” (Bogdanovich, 2014) This allows the teacher to improve the learning based on student responses that is done throughout the teaching and learning process. It allows teachers to make instructional decisions on the pace of the lesson. It can tell them whether they are required to speed up, slow down, or re-teach the lesson. Checking for understanding allows the teacher to make these decisions while the material is being taught. It is important to make these decisions during the teaching, because if the…

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