My Aquarium Essay

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My Aquarium

The place I decided to do my paper on is located in the living room of my family’s house. It is a one hundred gallon aquarium. The reason I chose this as the topic of my paper is that all kingdoms are present except for Plantae in it and it is its own ecosystem.

Before I go in detail about the organisms in the aquarium, I would like to mention the accessories that make this aquarium a stable environment and allow the organisms to grow happily. The temperature needs to mimic natural reefs that are often found in tropical regions. The tank needs to be 78 degrees F. In the summer water is pumped through a chiller that lowers the temperture to exactly what it needs to be and
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Next, is the water. This needs to be ultra pure, free from dissolved solvents. Due to the high temperatures evaporation can cause as much as 2 gallons a day to be replaced. A reverse osmosis water purifier is used to create this ultra pure water. Now that I have explained how the water starts of pure the salinity needs to be constant. 33 parts per thousand is recommended for reef aquariums. Calcium, amino acids, phytoplankton, and iodine are also added to the aquarium on a daily basis. The water is tested on a monthly basis for ph, alkalinity, and about a dozen different chemicals to be sure the water chemistry is correct.

Now we will discuss the first part of the reef aquarium, which is the sand and live rock. The sand needs to be live sand, meaning it contains all the necessary bacteria that will be needed in this artificial environment. The same is true for the live rock, which needs different bacteria and is the resting place for all of the corals. These organisms belong to the kingdom Monera Protista and are the first organism to be added to the tank.

This aquarium also contains organisms of the kingdom Protista. These are present in the green algae that are seen on the glass of aquariums. Also red algae are seen when observing a marine aquarium. These algae bloom when there is excess nitrogen in the water. The red algae are a sign of a tank
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