My Assessment On Business Ethics Online Discussion On Board

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Introduction My assessment on business ethics online discussion on board I have to chose best tree in activity 1 to 12 and I have to make report format and describe on details what I understand of all I chose the tree each activity have 4/5 question . I have to define each question and in final I have to make report writing .
Best three.
 Behavioral ethics
 bounded ethicality
 conflict of interest I n this activity shows what are loop hole between employs and originations and how personality affect in work place. I have some personal experience on work place and right down it .For my thinking is every Company or origination have monitoring system to keep looking what s going on inside the work place and how to manage
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1 : Ethics behavior In the ethics behavior means making good business decision establish on based ethics behavior code of ethics .In this activity have video based on ethics behavior and I have six question about the ethics behavior and asked me about any person experience you about .
Q1. Yes I am agree with this statement because like in this video a guy facing a problem in his collage that some of his friends taking drugs to improve the performance and that is illegal way but they taken drugs. He feels that why I am not to try to maximize my performance in collage and get more good grades.
Q2. I agree with the following statements from researchers in the field. Because I know some friends and me also I cheat or lie in workplace or class .like in work place my working hours is 8/4 mooring but some time I leave early and tell lie that I have class but its not true
Q3. Every religions teach the good things in life but every nation have good person and bad person .bad person who bad thing it doesn’t mean that hole nation is bad or corrupt.
Q4. in the media there is a person who tell that her class mate doing cheat on test and every one knows it even teacher also but no one say anything or stop that person.
Q6 . I thing people in this world or not 100% perfect every one they make mistake and have issues in personality. Some person takes bad decision in life someone take good
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