My Assessment of Brodsky’s Performance Essay

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Wolfgang Keller at Konigsbrau-TAK (A)

1) What is your assessment of Brodsky’s performance? Please be specific.

One of the main problems regarding Brodsky’s performance that I saw was the amount of time that Keller said it took Brodsky to complete tasks. While Keller did explain Brodsky’s adeptness in his ability to redesign the sales force organization and the development of a comprehensive set of information and control systems, proving he is capable of good work. The problem comes when we learn how long it took him to do this. It took him 6 months to create even with intervention by Keller to speed up the process. An additional concern is that Keller saw that Brodsky would not make an attempt to complete something when it had an
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Additionally, Keller needs to not “hover over his shoulder” too much because this could make it more difficult for Brodsky to get his work completed. Furthermore, this seems to be the cause of some disrespect on a personal level between the two further affecting their ability to work together. I defiantly believe I would have been able to be a more effective leader over Brodsky. I would have tried to connect with him on a more personal level and gain his trust. I think this would have been key to earning Brodsky’s respect. I also would have explained to him what I expect of him as soon as I noticed his performance not being up to par with my expectations. However, I would not demand it; instead, I would just explain it to him and let him understand it’s out of respect for Brodsky that I am doing this so that there is no confusion as to expectations. I believe that by placing myself more as a mentor as opposed to just being a boss it would have help to earn Brodsky’s respect, which ultimately would improve his performance. 3) What are the underlying causes of Brodsky’s performance problems? What actions should Keller take upon returning to Kiev? Be specific.

The underlying causes of Brodsky’s performance problems are the large time requirement for his projects, his more inability to be a personal hangs on leader, the lack of attention and disregard for the recommendations given to him by
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