My Attivation Of Reading Observation

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I was reminded of waking up early for high school the day of my observation. I had not thought much about the day until, I met with the teacher I was observing. My first impressions of the students was that they seemed eager to learn, and they seemed to be very attentive while I was there. I observed a reading class for high schoo students. Students who go to summer school are their because their teachers and parents are afraqid of regression if they are not taught throughout the summer. Students had the chance to silently read their workbooks to themselves . As a tip, the teacher would remind them to use their fingers to follow the lecture in their books. Once they were finished reading for about five minutes, the teacher tested them on…show more content…
The last station was students testing one another on the vocab words using a white board. Later in the day the students ended the day with learning about past tense verbs. Students were given a five minute break. . I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for the students to not understand much of what is going on , so I would use positive body language and encouraging gestures to help with miscommunication issues. I would also use what I learned from my reading and remind myself that every student is different and we should embrace diversity. Embracing diversity is a main theme throughout the textbook and I would want to give every child the same opportunity to succeed no matter where they come from. So I would apply patience, empathy and fairness to students. The teacher also made sure to incorporate positive feedback and praises of encouragement to her students. I would also incorporate vocab. I think the more words they can analyze and understand, the better their English may become because they now have a use of words they can communicate with. As far as reading topics I would try to incorporate history of American text that includes all races that created America and made it great. The teacher also taught and showed me that a dictionary is someone's
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