My Audience With An Investment Opportunity That Will Interest Them If They Love Doing Business

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Central Idea: Many people say that investments come with great losses. But they fail to realize that it comes with both gains too. Especially when you plan to make money by not doing any work at all. There are various companies that are great to invest in. My aim is to inform my audience with an investment opportunity that will interest them if they love doing business.
I. Introduction: It defined as “a process of investing money for profit or material result”. It requires a small amount of tolerance for risk, patience, and a dedicated time horizon. Investing is a great way to save for the future. As long as you are disciplined, you will not have much problem getting around it. Reports have shown that investing in stocks of successful companies has made many people wealthy. One of such companies is Intel Corp; a company in the Semi-Conductor Industry.
II. Intel Corp is specialized in designing and manufacturing digital technology platforms.
A. These platforms are made up of several parts.
1. They are made up microprocessors and chipsets.
2. They are made up of hardware, software and other services.
B. Intel also develops and sells software.
C. Their primary focus is on security and technology integration.
III. Intel is one of the firms that has been unmatched in the Semi-Conductor Industry.
A. It has a wide “economic moat” that comes from its immense scale.
1. This gives the firm a long term advantage in the microprocessor market.
2. It helps in maintaining its lead in the
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