My Aunt Femiolia Research Paper

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When I saw this assignment my aunt immediately came to mind because I know she is currently trapped in vicious circles. For this paper I will say her name is Felicia. My Aunt Felicia has a combination of many vicious circles such as poverty, racial and cultural alienation, and senselessness. It makes sense that she has a mixture of all of these because they all seem to correspond in some way. Anyways, my Aunt Felicia never really tried in school because no one made her and she did not have the drive to try at all, so now she has undeveloped skills. Her reading, writing, and arithmetic skills could stand to be greatly improved. Although, she graduated high school she did not have the skills to go to college. Now she is greatly under employed…show more content…
Aunt Felicia has not searched for a better job or even a part-time job she is content with barely making it in this life. I can tell she is not as happy as she makes herself out to be because she turns to food to bring her peace and security. She has an abundance of food because she receives food stamps and she only likes junk food. Aunt Felicia faces many health problems because of unhealthy diet along with little to no physical activity throughout the day. Many people have tried helping her but it is of no use because she isn’t not ready to help herself. I do dearly love her, so I try to help her in any way I can but it becomes exasperating. I try to encourage because I know if she gained self-respect and went back to school to develop some skills her life would truly start to turn around. If she graduated from a trade school of some sort she would be able to compete in the job market. Once she is able to compete in the job market and starts seeing growth I believe she will have the will to live. Her confidence will lead to find a higher paying job with benefits so she can get off the government dole and truly be
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