My Aunt Julie Is One Of The Most Amazing, Sweet, And Hilarious People I Have Ever Met

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My aunt Julie is one of the most amazing, sweet, and hilarious people I have ever met. She has the most beautiful and kind soul. She was also born with a severe mental and physical handicap called Cerebral Palsy. It is a condition that occurs when the brain hasn’t completely developed at birth, in Julie’s case she was born prematurely and was also a twin, making her even smaller and more frail at birth. Julie was born not breathing and the doctors couldn’t get her to start breathing for 5 minutes after she was born. She is now in her early fifties, but only has the mental capability of a 78 year old child. She has been in a wheelchair for her whole life and never even taken one step, she also has very minimal control of her arms and hands. Julie also has a very hard time controlling her temper and her emotions, I can only assume that it is because she feels as though she is trapped in her own body and will never be able to get out of it and feel free. Julie has this crazy love for Nascar and has never missed watching a race. Everyone has their little obsessions, for my six year old nephew it is toy cars, my older brother it is playing the guitar, for me it is Cadbury Eggs, but for Julie it is Nascar races and the Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt JR. In 2013 my mom and I had decided to take Julie to go see the Daytona 500 in Daytona Florida. This was such a huge deal for Julie because she had never been out of the state of Utah let alone on a plane halfway across the country,

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