My Aunt Passed Away By George R.r

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In August of 2015, my aunt passed away. One question I always ask myself is, “Where did she go?” All of my family members strongly believe that when my aunt died she went up to Heaven to be with God. But what exactly is death all about? Is it simply one’s body shutting down or is it the passing of one’s spirit from one life to another. However, if you were to ask 50 different people and they may give you 50 different answers on what death is to them. As George R.R. Martin once wrote in A Game of Thrones, “Death is so final, while life is full possibilities.” The prospect of dying is absolutely terrifying to some, including me. But to other’s it is merely another adventure, another chapter in their life. Others just simply choose to ignore the idea of death until it happens to them. Unfortunately, you cannot truly ignore and escape death. It happens to everyone, whether we like it not. Death comes with life, but finding out what death means to you personally can help your thoughts about the event. Depending on your religious or non-religious beliefs, you may believe that death is either supernatural or simply natural. Firstly, he dictionary states that death is the total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism. Although, depending on your religion you may have very different views on the true definition of death. For instance, if you are a Buddhist, then you believe that when you die you will be reborn again (Lodden). Being reborn again and being

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