My Aunt Patti And My Grandmother

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I found this assignment to be very enlightening. My family has always been open to talking about our history, but this task forced me to ask a question that often was not discussed: our education. My aunt Patti and my grandmother (Meema) were the ones who offered to help in exploring this part of our past.
On my mother’s side the furthest I could research back were to my great-great grandparents. They were immigrants from Germany. I could not find much on the levels of education that they each had. However, I do know that they were successful entrepreneurs. They owned a prosperous packaging company and an owned an estate and employed servants. However, during the 1929 stock market crash they lost most of their estate and money.
Their daughter, my great-grandmother, was named Lucy. She went to Eastern High School in Baltimore City and graduated early at the age of 15. She found it hard to get a decent job this young, even though she had a high school diploma. Lucy married Kenneth Anderson and they had four children: Ken, Gary, Rick, and Lea, my grandmother. Ken and Lucy had a rocky and abusive marriage. Ken was an alcoholic and could not hold a job. Lea, my grandmother, remembers him as being very smart, when he was sober. He would find a job and quickly be promoted, and when things looked good, he would start drinking again, and then consequently lose his job. When Lucy left Ken, her and kids moved above a movie theater in Baltimore City. Lucy was not financially able to

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