My Autobiography By Jocelyn Campbell

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?My Autobiography? by Jocelyn Campbell I was the second child and daughter born to my mother in Elgin, Illinois in the year 1956. I had a sister who was seven years older who lived with us for a short period of time, but resided mostly with her father, my mother?s first husband. After having an affair with my biological father, my mother divorced the year I was born and moved to Barrington, Illinois. My biological father paid for my mother?s apartment and the hospital bills, then exited out of our lives. A short time later the man I knew growing up as my father, married my mother. I remember a stepbrother the same age as my sister, living with us during my early childhood years. I idolized my brother who had the nickname of ?Spike.? I don?t recall when he left our family, but I was told he didn?t get along with my mother and that he blamed her for the break up of his father?s first marriage. I felt he abandoned me, as I never heard from him again and my parents never explained why he had left until later in my adult years. In a span of nine years, three additional brothers were born into our family. I was five years old when the first of the three brothers were born. I didn?t have any lasting friendships because we moved frequently due to the numerous jobs my father had in his aviation career. Critical periods and plasticity: I have jokingly told people that I flunked kindergarten because I repeated it a second year due to

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