My Autobiography Essay

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My Autobiography

"There is no one worth of worship except Allah, and Prophet Mohammed (saw) is the messenger of Allah"

My life goes by the above sentence. The firm belief in the oneness of Allah, my Lord, who has provided me with this life; the giver and taker of life. I believe that this life is only a test as to which we will be judged for in the life hereafter.

I was born on March 12, 1987at approximately 6:07am, at the Whittington Hospital in Archway, on a humid spring morning, just before dawn.

My two older sisters were also born in this hospital, and later, after my auspicious birth, my four younger brothers and little sister were also born there. My younger sister, Aaysha was
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Hundreds of children must have been born there and we all had something in common. I realised that day, that I've probably seen many of these children, or adults, in my fourteen years of living. They too, have probably seen me but none of us realised that we all had something in common. I sat there for a long time, thinking about the beauty of life and how amazing the work of God is, how a tiny human lives in its mother's stomach for nine months.

As far as I know, there were no complications to my birth. My mother was ecstatic as I was the first son after two daughters. My family are a lot different from the other stereotypically cultural Asian families I know. Most Asian families I know consider sons "better" than daughters and I am thankful that my own parents don't have this warped mentality. However, after two daughters, I know my mother was secretly hoping for a son this time, as raising a son was obviously something she had not yet experienced and it would be undoubtedly refreshing. When my mother was pregnant with my brother Ismaeel, and I was old enough to understand the process of it, I asked my mother if she wanted a boy or a girl. She replied that she just wanted a healthy baby, and I knew that a baby's health was far more important than its gender. I'm thankful to my mother for having this mentality as I believe that parents' views are often inflicted on their

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