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Autobiography I sit on my desk with vivid memories of my childhood. It's almost as if my visions are projected in front of me, almost as if I can spring into them and reenact my sweet childhood. I remember my day trips out with my family. We were together as a whole then, and I was full to the brim with love. I remember my mum joining me on the 'gentle'rides while my dad videotaped my laughs and my joys. I felt induced to return my love and appreciation to my family. I'm always being told that I was an energetic, affectionate young one. I always used to say "Hello" to people and bare my teeth with a cheesy grin. Everything was as normal as can be, but then in 1995 my parents…show more content…
However, the thought of secondnary school frightened me. I saw my brother go through secondnary school. I remember the day how he got beaten up. I walked in my gran's house to see my brother on her bed with blood pouring down his neck. I was around eight years old. Nothing embraced me of what I saw. I was too shocked to realise what had happened. That put me off of secondnary schools immediately. When I finally started secondnary school, Clapton Girls' Technology College, I had an endless question in my head which I couldn't manage to anwser, was this the right school for me? I've had a lot of inconvenient periods in the past and i've had some pleasurable times in Clapton Girls', when I actually would come home to my mum and say "Mum, today was a brilliant day". But mostly my time in this school was disgraceful. The significant occurrence in Clapton Girls' has to be the most stressful part of my life I remember I had my first phone call from a man, with a deep degrading voice, claiming to be a teacher in my school. He stated all the humiliating acts he was going to perform on me. I kept picturing, imagining, this man, who he declared he was, actually accomplishing his vile fantasies. It almost felt like I was living in a dream, nothing was realistic. It was like I couldn't wake up and come to my senses. Night after night I would have detailed,

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