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My name is Tiffany Amber Deramos. I live in Queens, New York, and am in 5th Grade. I was born on a warm and sunny day, so I am told, on March 26, 2002 at the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan. I started going to school when I was six-years old. I went to Kindergarten through Fifth Grade at PS/IS268Q Elementary. I won an award for honors for all for terms and an award for perfect attendance. School is very important to me and I like my teachers and the subjects we study. I study a lot because I do not have many friends outside of school. I do not have good memories of my younger childhood, but my parents tell me that I was a pretty good baby and slept a lot I am sure I cried, too. I started walking when I was just over a year old. Maybe walking is the wrong word, more like taking a few steps and stumbling very awkwardly. It was also at this time that I began to utter my first spoken work in English. I am told that this really started it, and now my parents cannot shut me up. I live with my Mother, Vanny and my Father, John in Queens, New York. I am the only child. Both of my parents were born in Guyana but grew up in the United States. It was important to my grandparents that my parents grow up with American customs and traditions, and to learn to speak English properly. This is a tradition that my parents kept, and they make sure we try to be as American as possible. We do not forget traditions from Guyana, but we know we live in America and must try to be as

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